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CD and DVD Packaging

Printed card wallets

Card wallets are an ideal way to promote your product. Printed back and front in full colour with a choice of matt or standard varnish, they are perfect for face to face distribution at exhibitions or events and provide an excellent opportunity as an eyecatching marketing tool.
They are lightweight and inexpensive to distribute via mail shots or with magazines, newspapers or brochures. Take a look at the card wallets shown on our gallery, download a template and start designing ! or give us your ideas and our designers will look after the creative side of things for you.
Card wallets are becoming increasingly popular, they look good and are cost effective and practical.


Digipaks are a bespoke product, the deluxe card packaging printed with a choice of matt or standard varnish on 300 GSM card with a choice of clear or coloured trays.
Unlike standard CD jewel cases which are generally associated with audio CDs, digipaks are an ideal crossover for CD-ROMs or audio in a commercial application. Presentation value is second to none. Standard digipaks consist of 4 panels with 1 tray. We offer a number of variations including 6 panel/2 tray or 8 panel/3 tray. We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Jewel case

A tried and tested formula, CD jewel cases are still the most widely used form of professional packaging and can accommodate sizeable amounts of printed material as well as the CD.
Retailers are accustomed to stocking jewel cases and have shop fittings designed specifically to display them.
Jewel cases can be cello-wrapped, a good idea, it protects the cases from scuffing when transported or mailed and improves the overall product finish.
Our ‘retail specification’ option includes 4/4 booklets and 4/4 inlays (all pages full colour). This means the booklet alone provides the same area of print space as a digipak, add to that an inlay, also known as a tray card, which is printable on both sides and your printing potential is vast or…
Go Large!! why stop at 4 pages? you can increase the booklet size to 6, 8, 12, 16 or more pages. Just give us a call, we will be happy to discuss your requirements

DVD case

Just like the standard CD jewel case, the DVD case offers the most popular form of packaging for DVDs. An outer wrap (inlay) may be printed single or double sided giving a choice of black or clear case and a DVD booklet can also be included. For something a little different choose a slimline DVD case with a slim inlay in a choice of black or clear with a 7mm spine.

Slimline Jewel case

With just a 5.2mm spine this slim and lightweight jewel case can accommodate a CD booklet and is available with either clear or black tray.
The slimline jewel case is a firm favourite with software houses as it compliments CDs or DVDs and is ideally suited for cost effective distribution

PVC Wallet

These are the most versatile and cost effective way to present and protect your CD/DVD.
We supply quality wallets with flap as standard so they can be easily distributed with no risk of escaping discs!
The onbody printing is clearly visible through the transparent wallet creating an immediate visual impact.
We provide wallets with adhesive strips allowing you to attach them to brochures, magazines etc.


Also known as c-shells, they are constructed from durable impact resistant polypropylene to provide good protection but are very lightweight for postage or transport. Clam shells are available in a range of colours and are very popular for mailshots and direct marketing.

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